Advertising & Marketing Budget Planning

Advertising with the right media is the key.

To consider which media or which marketing channels to use can take very long time.

Here we can help you to estimate the budget of advertising and marketing at the early stage. We will represent all information we have collected and suggest ones that are right to your marketing goal or target audience. You choose ones you are interested to use. We put together all information of the cost. Allocate them by monthly expenses at the period of time you wish to promote your business or campaign. We provide you these details in the spreadsheet that you can move around or adjust according to your needs and budget allocation.


Why use us?

  • Save your time (one stop contact).
  • Necessary information is ready in hands for your draft budget planning.
  • All media’s info is represented from facts as we are the third party.
  • When dealing with our freelancers/partners, we make sure they deliver all assignments on time.
  • FREE of CHARGE – no extra services fee after quotation is finalized and signed.

Advertising ideas from our media partners:


  • Sponsor banner in Media’s daily newsletters.
  • Sending EDM (E-flyer) using Media’s service.
  • Writing advertorial published on local Phuket news website in Thai and/or English.
  • Video advertorial published on local Phuket news website in Thai and/or English.
  • Competition activity (to engage audiences and collect their contact details)
  • Publish PR news, press release on the online publications.
  • Billboard and LED Billboards

  • Advertising placement in the magazine. Display advertising, Advertorial, Listing etc.