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Ocean Fox Media, We provide a variety of services that will help you to complete your marketing and sales goal. 

We are based in Phuket Thailand and serve customers from everywhere. 

With our good relationship with several quality writers from different industries, we can help you to find the right person to deliver the content that will give the most benefits to your business plan. Our translation service, with our years of experience, gave us a great network of quality translators who can provide translation service in any language and for any kind of topic. We have our unique method to recruit a suitable translator for each job so that you get the right professionals for your assignments.

Communications service helps you to minimize your cost of hiring full-time staff and gives you flexibility. 

Branding service, using our product and service from our sister business – Phuket Fabric that will help you to make your brand stand out and remembered uniquely. With the beautiful handmade fabric items with your brand embroidery on them.


We will to help you to run your business smoothly”….

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