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Ocean Fox Media, We provide multi services of marketing both Online and Offline channels & tools. Including digital marketing with service to help you to pick the right media on your advertising plan.

We are based in Phuket Thailand. And we work closely with not only English but also Thai speaking clients. We can meet you in person at your location in Phuket and Bangkok.  Yet, if you are not at these two locations, we can still meet you where you are.  Please just let us know. We’ll help you hatch a plan for success that integrates all channels. In addition, we can customize to use both traditional and digital marketing tools. With us you can discover new options to expand your markets.  We uniquely make it convenient for you to accomplish your marketing and sales goal.

We represent quality news media in both Thai and English, from both Bangkok and Phuket based. We always keep the information and packages updated for your best options. Together with freelancers and partners that we have good relationship with. Therefore we can assign the right professionals to your assignments.

Business is usually hoping customers will find them on search engines when they need. However, it’s also still necessary for your business to be appeared on media channels on occasion. For instance, advertise directly on media’s website. Or sending out newsletter on their database will increase brand awareness and leading to sales.

It can be some basic posting on their Social media accounts to reach the new audiences. Those audiences can also become your organic followers. You can have them engaged on your own page after.

With variety of choices, we can help you from the scratch or jump in to keep consistency of what you are already doing. Website design, maintain your social media activities; Facebook, Instagram, twitter and more…


We never stop finding the new marketing solutions to “helping you stay ahead”….

Never look over the little things

For this reason, as latest cooperation we have agreed with the new partner to deliver the businesses Chinese Social Media including KOL (key opinion leader).  This service will really help you to reach  High spending FIT Chinese market more especially in tourism businesses.

We have also prepared Writing and Translation services to serve you as Content is King. Let’s professional takes care of it! Same as Photography and Videography that we have variety of choices from our freelancers and partners’ profiles for you to choose from.

For hotel customers, special media for hotel business also provided exclusively. It helps you to reach out mainly International Travel Agencies in the new quality markets. That could bring you more guests and other audiences in hospitality industry that it’s perfect for brand awareness campaign and other promos.

No matter where your properties are and which regions you are targeting to.

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