Customer service for business

Customer service for business


Protect your reputation and impress your customers with instant and faster communication.

Review is one of the important factors to affect your new sales.  These days, consumers will make a lot of research before making the decision to spend on anything. 

Customer service plays a big part in this competitive world either for online-only businesses or businesses that serve customers both online and offline.

How does it work?                                                       

  • Our customer service includes answering basic questions and inquiries, taking complaints, giving basic information, taking orders, upselling, and forward new orders to the business. For both business that sells physical and digital products as well as other services.
  • We offer contact channels via chat platforms (Facebook, Line, etc,.)

Why hiring us?

  • Our customer service will make sure your customers are well-taken care of even though the issue cannot be fixed immediately, you still provide someone to be in touch and giving updates when the issue shall be managed.
  • Customers get the actual contact from humans, not the ChatBot which giving a different impression to the business.
  • Our customer service will help to increase the chance to get sales because of the instant contact that the business provides.
  • Customers feel more confident when they always can be in touch with the business during business hours, it helps to give credibility and suitable to the present situation that people will not get out of the house if not necessary.


  • Flexible, with the small package by hours to try out and a long-term contract with discount.
  • Our team can communicate in both English and Thai languages at a professional level.
  • Packages available hourly or monthly for business’ needs and budget. For example, you can use our service only on weekend or off business hours.

Available packages are hourly or monthly

Start from only 53 THB per hour

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