Customers’ Feedback Analysis

Do you know what your customers really think about you?

One of the difficult parts to run a business is Customer Retention. After using all of your marketing and sales strategies to promote and attract all the newcomers to finally become your customers. Then the next challenge for the business is how to keep those customers to become regular.


Can you answer these questions that important to your reputation?

  • Have you ever asked for your customers’ comments & feedback after finishing using or consuming your products/services?
  • Have you ever checked how they know about your business?
  • Have you ever collected their contact information such as email for future personal contact?
  • Have you ever created any special offer for their next visits?
  • Have you ever wondered whether the reviews you have received on the social media are genuine ?
  • Have customers informed you what you need to know?

After you complete all 3 parts of Customers’ feedback analysis you will find the answers of these 3 key questions

  • How can I improve my customer’s experience?
  • How can I increase my customer’s loyalty?
  • What parts of my customer’s experience are causing pain points?


Ideal businesses:

  • Restaurant
  • Spa and massage shop
  • Nail and hair salon
  • Shoes and bag shop
  • Supermarkets
  • Souvenirs shop
  • Furniture shop
  • Hotel & resort




Why use our service?

  • Know what you never know about how your business is doing
  • Process of Social checkup, helping you to see what people think about your business. Opinions are from different sources.
  • Mystery shoppers we provide will give you their honest opinion from their real experience.
  • Final report with complete a analysis will give you the ideas to discuss further in your team and make the right changes for the best improvement.
  • Flexible package – you can consider doing it 1 time or for the long term (1 year) for an even better outcome.