Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the most efficient marketing activities to keep brand awareness and connect with your customers and potential customers. To use it right, you need to plan it well and give it a little time to increase the number of quality subscribers from many creative methods that will eventually turn those to be your paying customers.

You can send out on a regular basis as an E-newsletter or send an Email, only when you have a specific campaign and/or a promotion announcement.

What services are included in our packages?

  • We create a premium MailChimp account, you will receive a username and a password.
  • Consultation and planning for content creation and sending schedule.
  • Add and upload client’s contact list (email address) for distribution (we start from your existing contacts)
  • Help you to increase contact list, using creative tools
  • Create content, which can be an E-flyer artwork or some custom text and images from your brand.                 

          The shorter the better!

  • Content can be multi-language (at a reasonable extra fee)
  • We provide report of the email’s feedback 2 weeks after the date it is sent.

We have flexible packages of 6 emails and 12 emails for 12 months contract.  You can organize to use them to send newsletter on monthly or bi-monthly basis or using them only when you have any special announcement or news to be announced.