Line Official Account Management

Line Official Account Management

“Line” is one of the popular platforms people use in their daily life. People use it both for personal and professional.  For one user, it can be one for chatting, receiving a regular promotion, or checking the news and updates.

For business, it can be a place you use to communicate with your customers and potential customers. To promote regular campaigns or special promotions and events.

With lots of things you can do on this platform, it’s a great way to reach the audience, increasing sales as well as maintain your relationship with the customers.

Accomplish your goals using Line Official Account

  • Promote product or service
  • Promote campaigns or sales
  • Obtain new customers
  • Promote website or store
  • Encourage repeat business
  • Handle customer questions

Or even use it to recruit the new staffs..

What do we do?

  • Account set up and training (one time)
  • Account set up and management service on a monthly basis

Starting from only 990 THB – contact us now!