Media for hotels


We represent 2 online medias for hotel business.


 1. Media for hotel to promote your Wedding venue and MICE (for hotels in Thailand)

 2. Media for hotel to promote your properties to Hospitality community, Airline industry and International Travel Agencies. (international customers are welcomed)

How these medias reach those audiences?

Via Email newsletter to large database of subscribers in different regions and direct websites visitors from all over the world.    

No matter your purpose is maintaining your brand awareness or promoting special promo or event, long-term or short-term package, we have options for all.   

Media to promote your Wedding venue and MICE (for hotels in Thailand):

You can choose to list your hotel in standard or premium form– the rate is quoted yearly.

Who are the audiences? They are people from around the world who’s looking for venue for Wedding and MICE in Thailand.

Through the search by filters on the website, potential customers can find and request quotation directly from you.

Media to promote your properties to Hospitality community, Airline industry and International Travel Agencies worldwide:

This special media is in online platform of news and other interesting articles of Hospitality, Tourism, Technology and Airlines industry.  You can choose to reach audiences in different regions including Asia, Thailand, China, Philippines, India, Maldives, UK and Middle East.

There are options of advertising on Web banners, Competitions, Interview, Native advertising, EDM and Exclusive Digital guide which is the great tool for sales.