Stand by Live chat service for Line and FB messenger

Stand by Live chat service for Line and FB messenger

How it works and why hiring us?                                                                           

  • Have you ever got frustrated before trying to get in touch with the business via chat support?
  • Have you ever felt like you are left without care by the business though you are so ready to spend?
  • Have you bought or spent more because the chat support agent gave you more useful information and made your every THB worth even more?
  • Do you feel more secure if you can connect with the business promptly during their business hours?

You would not want your customers to face the first 2 situations. It’s better to keep your account responsive to gain more sales and remain a relationship with your existing customers.

What we offer in the package of this service?

  • Session to stand by for a live chat on Line Official Account and/or Facebook messenger? Your customers will always get replied instantly to get the first impression and start building the good relationship which leads to sales.
  • By taking brief and study about your business, we will be able to give the initial information or answering some questions to your customer as well as taking complaints and other requests.
  • Promptly transferring the sales info. To the business once the order is placed/payment is made
  • Daily report of all conversation for further follow-ups.
  • We support both English and Thai speaking at the professional level.

Whom is this service for?

  • A busy entrepreneur who may run several businesses at the same time and may not be able to respond to the conversation on the chat in time and may lose the opportunity to sell.
  • Online shop or any business that wants to deliver the best communications to their customers.
  • Online shop or any business that wants to increase sales.