Translation Service

Translation service

Translation – it helps to make your content globalized and truly reach everyone, every potential customer you need for your business. Don’t miss the opportunity in all markets in this world. It’s time to travel again and people need to know what you have to offer!

No matter what industry are you in, hospitality & tourism, real estate, medical & wellness, etc. We have all kinds of translators in our network to serve you. With our unique service and flexibility, we take you to reach your goal with this small but important service.

Why are we different:

We provide a premium or standard service. For both we always work with professional translators with the option of premium service you get; 

  • Testing translation 250-300 words from 2-3 translators and you get to choose the one you think it’s most suitable for you. Because translation is just like a kind of art, any translator has their own style. Choose one that fits yours!
  • If you’re in a rush with a great amount of content, we can split into several selected translators to finish the assignment at your deadline.

In-text; words, paragraphs, or subtitles for your presentation or video.

To make it most convenient to our customers, we provide translation service to enhance your opportunity to reach wider market audiences, which means more business to get. 

It’s also a big advantage to be found with SEO in the various content on your website or social media posts.

Together with our long-term partners in Thailand and abroad. The main languages we provide the translation are:

  • Thai
  • English
  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Indonesian
  • Vietnamese
  • Arabic

In other languages we also can provide you with the service, please check with us.

What kind of content we can get it translated? Any kind!

  • General
  • Medical and wellness
  • Business and news
  • Realestates
  • Hospitality
  • Architectural
  • Advertising and marketing text
  • Application form

And more, please send it in to get the quote.

The service can be a translation and rewriting to make content most natural in each language sense.

Moreover, we also can help you with the audio recording, voice-over translation (dubbing)

Our customers:

Bangkok Hospital Phuket – Medical content

Cassia Phuket – Advertising content

Thavorn Hotels & Resorts – Hospitality content

Blue Tree Phuket – Environmental content

Climate Bonds Initiative – Environmental and financial content

Rungroj Accounting – Accounting content

and more..